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MySpace.com Blogs – The Matt Hardy Brand MySpace Blog


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MySpace.com Blogs – The Matt Hardy Brand MySpace Blog

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Lords of Pain:Matt Hardy Comments On Reports That He’s Injured & Needs Surgery


Earlier this week, we cited a report from PWInsider.com that stated Matt Hardy had suffered a torn abdominal muscle and would require surgery. The injury is said to have occurred before Monday’s Raw during a triple threat match taped for tonight’s Superstars between Hardy, MVP and United States Champion MVP.

Matt Hardy has posted a message to his MySpace page on Wednesday regarding those reports:

“Hey everybody. I hope this message finds you all well and happy. There’s several varying stories going around on the ‘net about me. I’m ok and will be ok. [Thanks] for checking on me and I appreciate the fact that you care.

While Matt does acknowledge the injury reports, in true Hardy fashion, he’s [probably intentionally] ambiguous about it. He could be saying “I’m ok .. and not injured” or he could be saying “I’m ok, the injury is not that bad and I’ll be back soon.” Stay tuned.

source taken from: Lords of Pain

Lords of Pain:”Latest On Shawn Michaels, Backstage Reaction To Raw Rating”


” There is still no official word on when Shawn Michaels will be returning to WWE television. He was banged up after his WrestleMania match, and has been at home recovering. Michaels told the company he wanted time off to be with his family, but people within the company want him back sooner than later.

– WWE management is ecstatic with the surprisingly high Raw rating. The general belief for the high rating was the curiosity over what Donald Trump would do with the brand. They feel the commercial-free aspect had less to do with the ratings rise than Trump. Expect to see more of Trump if he is willing to do more wrestling appearances. “

Source taken from: Lord’s of Pain

Jeff Hardy WWE contract situation! Plus interesting twitters!


Sometimes goodbye is a second chance….JEFFHARDYBRAND

I have read from various news articles about Jeff’s contract with the WWE, but it’s still not clear if he is leaving or staying, I sure will hate to see him go.

Check out his interesting tweets here!


You can also visit Matt Hardy’s twitter here!