Lords of Pain:”Latest On Shawn Michaels, Backstage Reaction To Raw Rating”


” There is still no official word on when Shawn Michaels will be returning to WWE television. He was banged up after his WrestleMania match, and has been at home recovering. Michaels told the company he wanted time off to be with his family, but people within the company want him back sooner than later.

– WWE management is ecstatic with the surprisingly high Raw rating. The general belief for the high rating was the curiosity over what Donald Trump would do with the brand. They feel the commercial-free aspect had less to do with the ratings rise than Trump. Expect to see more of Trump if he is willing to do more wrestling appearances. “

Source taken from: Lord’s of Pain


I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here! Tonight’s recap!


Tonight’s recap for those of you who missed it, First celebrity eliminated from the jungle was Sanjaya, second celebrity was Patti, leaving the remaining celebrities: Torrie, John and Lou to battle it out, tomorrow is going to be special because all of the the past eliminated are going to visit the camp, I know this is going to be exciting!!

Votes are now open again, so save your fave!

Jeff Hardy WWE contract situation! Plus interesting twitters!


Sometimes goodbye is a second chance….JEFFHARDYBRAND

I have read from various news articles about Jeff’s contract with the WWE, but it’s still not clear if he is leaving or staying, I sure will hate to see him go.

Check out his interesting tweets here!


You can also visit Matt Hardy’s twitter here!


Tuesday’s I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here!


I wonder which two celebrities will be eliminated tonight, I’m hoping for Sanjaya and Patti to be that chosen pair forced to walk the bridge, all I can do is hope since now the voting poll  on the nbc site is now closed.

I also made up my own poll, who would you like to see eliminated from the Jungle?

Please tell me your thoughts and vote!

I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here! Monday (Spoilers)


Looks like the jungle was to much for Stephen Baldwin to take for he missed his family, he apologized to his fans who voted for him, packed his things and crossed the bridge leaving camp mates, plus opening the door for a recently eliminated celebrity to return for their second chance at becoming queen of the jungle?

It was a choice of either Janice or Holly, the remaining campers opened their ears and their hearts to JD and Holly’s stories on why they should be chosen to return to the camp for a second chance, of course at the end when a decision on who to pick had to be made, everyone voted for Holly.

Last chance bar Recap, John vs Holly
Whoever wins stays in camp!

Loser: Holly
Winner: John

Tomorrow night two celebrities will be leaving the jungle forever, VOTE on who stays!

Gaia Online Best social hangout!


Gaia Online is the most fun social/gaming website, it’s better than Facebook, Myspace and (Twitter) put together! I’ll add the following reasons of why I think this…

#1 They have message boards, where you can discuss more than just what you are doing OR eating.

2#They have a MMORPG game zOMG!

#3 You can also build your own profile!

#4 Instead of an avatar you can create a miniture version of you!

For me those are wonderful reasons of why Gaia Online is the best social hangout on the Net!

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and become a member of Gaia Online, what are you waiting for? Join today!

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Metallica will be inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame April 4th 2009 on Fuse TV


It’s so exciting to see all of the wonderful thing’s happening to Metallica these days, with activision just releasing their new video game Guitar Hero Metallica, and the commercial for it is totally killer, you can see it below…

Makes me think Could it possibly get any better then that? Yes it gets even better because tommorow on Fuse TV Metallica will be inducted into the Rock n’ Roll hall of Fame, and rumor has it that they are set to preform with old bass guitarist Jason Newstead who left the band in 2001,  just maybe Metallica could have two bass players! 🙂