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Coming back, after a very long hiatus


It’s great to be back on my wordpress blog a lot of things have happened since I was last here, for one I got a new laptop. so no more sharing!
I’m pretty psyched about it because that OLD pc was going down the drain, it was slow as heck and no matter what I said no one would listen to be and they just downloaded whatever they wanted, so I would be the one left restoring the computer to it’s original factory image.

But other than that, It was a nice run and I would like to say thank you to God and my Mom for making it possible for me to get this new computer! 😀 ❤

So enough of that, Let's talk about CM Punk who beat John Cena for the WWE Championship!
Now that's what I call awesome, Kudos CM Punk, I knew you could do it!! 😀

How cute is he girls? ^^ ❤


Lords of Pain:Matt Hardy Comments On Reports That He’s Injured & Needs Surgery


Earlier this week, we cited a report from that stated Matt Hardy had suffered a torn abdominal muscle and would require surgery. The injury is said to have occurred before Monday’s Raw during a triple threat match taped for tonight’s Superstars between Hardy, MVP and United States Champion MVP.

Matt Hardy has posted a message to his MySpace page on Wednesday regarding those reports:

“Hey everybody. I hope this message finds you all well and happy. There’s several varying stories going around on the ‘net about me. I’m ok and will be ok. [Thanks] for checking on me and I appreciate the fact that you care.

While Matt does acknowledge the injury reports, in true Hardy fashion, he’s [probably intentionally] ambiguous about it. He could be saying “I’m ok .. and not injured” or he could be saying “I’m ok, the injury is not that bad and I’ll be back soon.” Stay tuned.

source taken from: Lords of Pain