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Whannell Fan – The #1 Leigh Whannell Resource


Please check out this awesome Leigh Whannell fan site, it’s really great!!

Whannell Fan – The #1 Leigh Whannell Resource

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I’m a Celebrity get me out of here! Finals*Spoilers*


The remaining three celebrities had one last food trial, and were treated to a spa which was like no other each of them passed the trial and went to the next level “their last meal in the jungle”, and after it was time for one to be eliminated and America had chosen John Salley,  leaving two celebrities to be crowned either Lou or Torrie.

* drum roll*

Winner of  I’m a celebrity get me out of here!

Lou Diamond Phillips

I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here! Tonight’s recap!


Tonight’s recap for those of you who missed it, First celebrity eliminated from the jungle was Sanjaya, second celebrity was Patti, leaving the remaining celebrities: Torrie, John and Lou to battle it out, tomorrow is going to be special because all of the the past eliminated are going to visit the camp, I know this is going to be exciting!!

Votes are now open again, so save your fave!

Tuesday’s I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here!


I wonder which two celebrities will be eliminated tonight, I’m hoping for Sanjaya and Patti to be that chosen pair forced to walk the bridge, all I can do is hope since now the voting poll  on the nbc site is now closed.

I also made up my own poll, who would you like to see eliminated from the Jungle?

Please tell me your thoughts and vote!

I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here! Monday (Spoilers)


Looks like the jungle was to much for Stephen Baldwin to take for he missed his family, he apologized to his fans who voted for him, packed his things and crossed the bridge leaving camp mates, plus opening the door for a recently eliminated celebrity to return for their second chance at becoming queen of the jungle?

It was a choice of either Janice or Holly, the remaining campers opened their ears and their hearts to JD and Holly’s stories on why they should be chosen to return to the camp for a second chance, of course at the end when a decision on who to pick had to be made, everyone voted for Holly.

Last chance bar Recap, John vs Holly
Whoever wins stays in camp!

Loser: Holly
Winner: John

Tomorrow night two celebrities will be leaving the jungle forever, VOTE on who stays!

My classic Dark Shadows VHS collection^w^


This is my Dark Shadows VHS collection, I bought them from Hollywood Video when they were selling all of their VHS tapes… I didn’t even think about the order that I bought them in until I watched it, so until I run into more DS tapes that I don’t have I’ll be looking for them, it’s a bit hard watching a tv show series when you don’t have the entire video collection, especially when there are places online that you can just watch it in front of your computer. But I’d rather wait until I have completed it.

Gaia Online official beta tester

Badge of honor!

Badge of honor!


September 30th I checked my mail box to see that I was chosen to be a beta tester for Gaia Online’s upcoming MMORPG game, it’s really exciting..I have always wanted to test games all of my life, I love video games. They put me in a happy mind-set weather it be horror, action genre’s or even anime styled games… but my all time favorites are RPG and MMORPG, because once I start fighting epic battles that’s it I probably won’t be going to sleep for 24 hours.